Canadians for Veterans

Dear Friends:

The recent Finance Canada public opinion survey found that the treatment of veterans was one of the top four issues of concern to Canadians.

Now is the time to “strike while the iron is hot”. Please forward the message below to everyone on your email list asking them to join Canadians for Veterans.

While we still want to have you to be part of our mailing list, we are looking for non-veterans – your friends and family members. We need to reach a critical mass in order to ensure that the government realizes that rank and file Canadians will not sit by and allow the present treatment –or lack thereof – of veterans to continue.

You fought for us. Now, let us fight for you.


Jim Karygiannis Margot Doey-Vick
Honouary Chair Executive Director


Dear Fellow Canadians:

The vast majority of Canadians believe that, on our behalf, our government has a sacred obligation to ensure that the men and women who make the commitment to serve in our armed forces will be “looked after” should they become injured.

Unfortunately, over the past year, it has become obvious to us that this is not happening. These brave men and women are suffering without the support – medical, emotional and financial – they need to live their lives with dignity and hope.

We have seen a group of young veterans launch a lawsuit against the government for equal compensation. We have seen offices, that assist veterans navigate through the various programs available to them, close. We have seen the Minister of Veterans Affairs chastise veterans, who have the temerity to question him, and watch him brush by a wife begging for help to learn how to help her husband who is suffering from PTSD.

A recent public opinion research project consulted 12 groups, from Coquitlam, BC to Bridgewater, NS, asking what were the important issues facing the government. “The groups spontaneously raised education, health care, pensions and veterans as their key issues.” The concern they raised was “whether enough was being done to help individuals with health/mental issues arising from their military service.”

Our government is paying lip-service to these brave men and women, but it is doing very little to help them.

Veterans, individually or in groups, have been pushing the government for better treatment. Their efforts seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

It is time for the rest of us to “stand up and be counted”. Please join us in the fight to ensure that each and every veteran receives the support they need.

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We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Jim Karygiannis Margot Doey-Vick
Honourary Chair Executive Director