Ladies Auxiliary Executive


Lorraine Beaton


Gertie Nielson


Elsie Morin


Sandra Kanciruk


Ella Kanciruk


A Brief History of our LA:

During the war years, the Ladies Auxiliary organized hospital visits, collected food, clothing and blankets for those in need, planned homecoming events, catered banquets and organized anything which was needed in the community.  They assisted with fundraising and volunteer services which supported our programs.   In their tradition of community service, the Ladies Auxiliary plans fundraising events and activities throughout the year. They tirelessly volunteer their services and make charitable donations to assist those in need. They raise funds by organizing raffles, catering, bake sales, licensed gaming events, tea bingos, dances, and barbeques.

We are extremely proud of their hard work, dedication and contributions to our club.

The Ladies Auxiliary also works for well-being of ex-service personnel and their dependents. They support veterans in care, organizing hospital visiting and special visits for those living independently.

The Ladies Auxiliary welcomes new members interested in serving veterans and our community.